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No More Negativity

Last week, I shared a post from another blog on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. It was yet another attempt to explain what’s wrong with American tennis. The article generated some interesting comments from parents and coaches alike, each blaming the other for what ails us all. [Note: Like and Follow ParentingAces on Facebook and Twitter to see the comments]

It’s the same old story. Coaches blame lazy players and overbearing parents. Parents blame unmotivated and under-trained coaches. Players blame governing bodies. Governing bodies blame everyone.

What if we all stopped blaming and just started focusing on what we can each do to be better? What if we all stopped assuming the worst about others and just started focusing on how we can work together to be better as a whole? What if, instead of viewing each other as opponents we just started viewing each other as allies working toward a common goal? Wouldn’t that be a giant step in the right direction?

I realize the only person I can control in all this is myself, so I’m going to start with a personal mind-shift. I’m going to focus my efforts with ParentingAces on finding the good stuff going on in the Junior Tennis World. I’m going to write about and talk about those people and events that are making our sport better, that are making our kids better human beings, and that are making us better sports parents. I’m going to assume less and question more. I’m going to look for ways to shine a light on the people and organizations and programs that are making a positive difference for us all. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.



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