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I’ll Be Your Messenger


I have heard from several parents and coaches who are concerned about speaking out regarding the 2014 Junior Competition changes for fear of retaliation from USTA. While I truly believe those concerns are unfounded, I do understand them.

So, as a way to help USTA gather as much input as possible before the 2013 Annual Meeting and the 2013-2014 Junior Competition Committee meeting in March, here’s my offer to all of you:

Email me at [email protected]. Share your thoughts on the 2014 changes with me – what you like and what you’d like to see changed. I will remove all of your identifying data then forward your email to the [email protected] address. Once I get a reply from Bill Mountford at USTA, I will forward it to you so you can decide how to proceed from there.

It’s crunch time on this thing! USTA is paying attention to the various blogs, Facebook groups, and tweets. They are reading our emails and taking the time to reply to most of them. If you are truly committed to convincing USTA to go back to the drawing board on the junior competition structure, or if you are in favor of the new calendar, then you need to speak up now. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your name on it, take me up on my offer to be the Messenger.

And, be sure to “like” the new Facebook page dedicated to this effort then share it with everyone you know. Ask your junior player to do the same. Encourage your kid(s) to share the link on Twitter and whatever other social media they use.

Let me repeat . . . it’s Crunch Time!


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