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Happy Mother’s Day



Those three kiddos in the photo above belong to me and have taught me more about life than I ever thought I could learn. 

This morning, I read the following in an email from Janis Meredith of JBMThinks and wanted to share it with y’all.  I think she does a great job of recognizing the challenges of parenting!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you moms feel loved and I hope you dads make sure Mom feels loved.

But even in the midst of being appreciated, moms and dads can feel overwhelmed with the parenting job, and you may ever wonder if you will get this parenting thing figured out.

You might be thinking with all the rest of us, I’ll probably get the hang of it the day my my kids leave home!

My youngest turns 20 in a couple of weeks. I should have this figured out right?

Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy. Author Mark Batterson explains why:

The truth is, we’ll never figure it out, because children are moving targets. Just when you think you have them pegged, they become toddlers or teenagers or twenty-somethings, and you’re right back at square one. All you can do is learn a few lessons along the way and enjoy the journey. (And do a lot of praying!)

Every week I share parenting wisdom with you, stuff I’ve learned over the years. It’s not because I’ve got this thing all figured out, believe me I’m still learning too!

It’s because in every season, I learn something new…about parenting, about kids, and about myself.

So if you’re discouraged because you think you will never have it all figured out, you’re probably right!

The challenge is to enjoy the journey, grasp the lessons, love our kids, and stop beating ourselves us over our imperfections.

Meanwhile, enjoy your target practice.

Have a great week!

Still Parenting after 25 years,

Janis B. Meredith

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