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Complain, Complain, Complain . . . Do!

There is a lot of complaining going on in the Tennis World – from players, from coaches, from parents, from tournament directors, from journalists – I hear it all the time!  And blame – WOW! – every organization is getting blamed for the demise of American tennis, from USTA to ITF to USPTA to NCAA . . . the list goes on and on.

This blog was born out of complaints that I had myself and that I heard from other tennis parents, so I get it – I’m not innocent in the Blame Game; in fact, far from it!  But, if we just continue to complain and do nothing to change the status quo, then where does that get us?

A group of brilliant tennis minds is coming together to DO SOMETHING.  There’s a brand new resource online called American Tennis Journal that y’all need to visit (click here to see it).  The Mission Statement, as published on the site is:

The mission of the American Tennis Journal is to become…

  • a source of news concerning relevant issues in American tennis
  • a platform to discuss ideas and new developments in American tennis
  • a resource for American players, parents, and coaches

The developers plan to offer forums, live chats, and other methods for tennis players, parents, and coaches to connect and share information.  And, they’re hoping to get the attention of USTA and other relevant organizations so that change can actually occur.  Best of all, the folks involved in creating the website don’t have a dog in the fight – they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by providing frank, open, honest discussion of where tennis needs to improve in order for our players – juniors, college, and pros – to reach their own highest levels.  As site creator, Brian Parrott, said, “This could become a vehicle for positive exposure to what is happening . . . the goal is to facilitate the development of American talent.”  A worthy goal, indeed!


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