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Bonus Point Changes for 2014

bonus-buttonThe following was posted by Sandy Hastings, Managing Director of Junior Competition for the Southern section, on a Southern section tournament website. It’s also posted on Southern’s website at I believe it may apply to all USTA sections across the board, but please double-check with your section’s head of Junior Competition to be on the safe side! Does it concern anyone else that USTA has implemented these new tournaments and new pathways to the national events but is still scrambling to get the Points Per Round tables right? I would love to hear from y’all about what you’re seeing in your section.


01/27/14 Bonus Points Update

You will note that the standing list done Sunday, January 26th, once again has some changes. It is not an error. As you know, starting in 2014, we started to use the new points table and bonus points. Putting the bonus points into effect skewed the standings a bit for the bonus points had to go retroactive to the 2013 results. This effected the standings more than the committee had hoped and many complaints were recorded.

In researching the situation, it was found that National was to do the same thing but decided to hold off, for they thought there might be a fix where that the new 2014 bonus points would not have to go retro. That fix is still being researched, but it is unknown if this will be a quick fix or a long term fix.

Therefore, it was determined that the best route for us to take was to go back and use the 2013 bonus points for now and the future until a fix is installed without the need of going retroactive. Please keep checking the new spot on the Southern Home Page for updates, or contact Bill or Sandy in the southern office

I am very sorry for the confusion. We were truly hoping for the quick fix, but it was not to happen.

Thank you again,


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