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Junior Tennis Player & Parent Virtual Conference (recording of live sessions with slides)



Welcome to the Junior Tennis Player and Parent Virtual Conference presented by Danielle McNamara of DLM Coaching and Lisa Stone of ParentingAces! This online event was recorded live on June 9th, 2024 and is now available to players and parents everywhere via the Thinkific website (see NOTE below). The conference features some of the most successful and experienced junior and college tennis coaches in the country, leading experts in sports performance and tennis industry representatives. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this conference is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of today’s competitive junior tennis landscape and how to navigate it.

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Session Titles

  • The Top 5 Mistakes Junior Tennis Players & Parents Make
  • Promoting Physical & Mental Health of Junior Tennis Players
  • Understanding the Junior Tennis Pathway: USTA
  • Understanding the Junior Tennis Pathway: UTR
  • How to Find the Right Program/Coach for Your Junior Tennis Player
  • Intro to College Tennis & the Recruiting Process

What our customers say


ParentingAces is the best source of all things junior tennis I have found.  Lisa Stone consistently delivers important, relevant information to parents like me who have junior tennis players aspiring to play high level tennis.  From interviews with top coaches, to innovative products, to experts on the various elements of the junior tennis pathway, ParentingAces delivers the information we need to help us navigate this sport.  Lisa is especially knowledgeable and perhaps one of the best resources are her consults with parents and their children to discuss the various aspects of junior tennis from her vantage point.

I highly recommend subscribing to ParentingAces for any parent who has children playing this sport!

Scott Campbell, Tennis Parent

Lisa at ParentingAces does an incredible job exploring the why for Tennis Parents across the country. Her passion and drive to help Tennis Parents increase their knowledge and navigate their child’s journey is a valuable resource for any parent with a child in tennis.

Johnny Parkes, IMG Academy

Navigating the junior tennis world as a participant is difficult without a guide, but fortunately Lisa stepped up to that challenge back in 2011 and has remained dedicated to educating all of us throughout some very chaotic years. I’m grateful for her commitment to the sport and to providing all of us with several outlets to distribute the information she’s collected.

Colette Lewis, ZooTennis

ParentingAces and Zoo Tennis have been the must reads for nearly a decade . Entertaining, educational, an altogether tremendous source for parents, players, and coaches .

Bryan Nibert, USPTA Midwest Hall of Fame Coach, Father of Buckeye All-American Robert Cash

We used ParentingAces and its multitude of linked resources throughout our family’s junior tennis journey from before the 12s, through the juniors for a daughter and a son, during college recruiting, and into NCAA college tennis! Lisa has built a comprehensive network of expert and information resources that is invaluable for the junior tennis parent.

Jody Beasley, lifelong player and two-time Tennis Parent

Lisa provides up to date and relevant information regarding junior tennis on her site. I have three daughters that play competitive junior (and one now college) tennis, and I always look to Lisa for insight, information and trends. Great work!

Jennifer Understahl, Tennis Parent

I met Lisa as a parent of one of my campers.  Her infectious energy for our sport was evident and when she decided to help other parents as well as junior tennis players with their journey I fully admired and supported her.

Lisa has become a great advocate, and brings a wealth of knowledge, of junior and college tennis.  Her articles are genuine and she has made great relationships within the sport which will help many others.

Keep going strong, Lisa!

Manuel Diaz, Head Coach Men’s Tennis, University of Georgia

I was fortunate to discover ParentingAces when I began the tennis parenting journey a couple years ago. Lisa’s wisdom and passion for junior and college tennis is undeniable. The weekly podcast provides a window into some of the best minds in tennis. From a variety of perspectives, the podcast covers everything from lessons learned from other tennis parents (including Steve Johnson, Sr. and Tracy Austin), life on the tour, goal setting, finding the right coach, tournament prep, and maximizing your time on the court. It is always worth a listen – there’s always something to learn. With the ParentingAces podcast and website, there is no excuse for any tennis parent to say ‘I don’t know’ – Lisa has the answers!

Scott Colson, Tennis Parent

Lisa Stone of ParentingAces is one of the most passionate people that I have come across in tennis media. Her blog provides deep insight into junior and college tennis. ParentingAces is a notable source for educating tennis parents.

Stephen Amritraj, Chief Tennis Officer, UTR

ParentingAces is invaluable to any family involved in junior or college tennis. The information, resources and access to special guests that Lisa provides, makes tennis parenting that much easier and more enjoyable. If you have any questions or concerns, Lisa can answer or guide you in the right direction. Lisa’s passion for our sport and for accessibility, transparency and inclusivity, are not easily matched. Lisa and ParentingAces were an integral part of my tennis parent journey and I’m grateful for that. ParentingAces just keeps getting better and better!!

Melanie Rubin, Tennis Parent

As a lifelong tennis player who has been lucky enough to play at all levels, I find this site highly entertaining and informative. I am now coaching full-time along with consulting in the industry and feel this site can be very helpful to Tennis parents. My son is now 7 and I’m sure the tips on this site will help foster his love for the game.

Brian Wilson, Tennis Parent & US Scout for Head Tennis

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