1. Thanks for sharing this great post! Have you heard about USTA Campus Kids Days? They serve the same purpose--getting kids to see college matches--and all of the info can be found on the following link: http://www.usta.com/College-Tennis/Campus_Kids_Days/ Folks can search for a college nearby to attend a Campus Kids Day, and coaches are able to sign up for an event on the same site.

    • Thanks for posting the link, Jessica!

  2. I routinely take my HS teams to college matches. At BYU Coach Brad Pearce lets us meet with the team and get autographed balls, posters, etc. Between doubles and singles there are skill competitions for the fans and never forget the free pizza. All this and GREAT tennis too--what more can you ask for?

    • That's so great to hear! I hope all the college coaches are reading this and decide to make that extra effort to get hinies in seats!

  3. Wow, such an attitude of teamwork and community! My brother played tennis in HS but unfortunately we didn't live near any colleges. I'm sure he would have loved a program like this.

  4. Here is an interesting article on collegiate players dipping their toes in the pro tour pool while still in school: http://aztectennisreporter.com/in-a-new-climate-collegians-playing-pro-tennis-events/

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