1. Great pod cast with Dave Miley. Was wondering if the ITF is considering changing the tennis scoring format in junior tournaments to reduce the length of the events, make watching more interesting, make tennis more affordable and go more with the times where our attention span is shrinking. My daughter a G14 top National USTA player just played a L2 in Florida with sets up to 4 and no add scoring due to weather. She loved it and so did all of her fellow players. They got 4 to 5 matches in per day with short breaks. This is the new tennis in my opinion. Faster matches, more action...less time on match courts and hence fewer injuries. What’s your take on this? Siegfried

    • Sorry to disagree with you, Siegfried, but I think it's a terrible idea at the higher level. For beginners, sure! Keep it short and sweet! But if we're trying to help our kids develop to their highest potential, they need the full battle.

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