1. "The onus is on you" is great advice. Not only checking to be sure that points are being properly awarded but that results are being properly recorded, which definitely affects UTR.

  2. USTA National leadership needs to own it and fix it, no matter how manual, complex, and murky the solutions. The delay in reacting to address it properly is worse than the mistake initially made. Kids deserve every effort possible to have them gain the opportunities they earned.

    • In case it wasn't clear, USTA National DID own it and DID update the National Standing Lists. What they have failed to do to date, however, is offer some sort of special exemption to the players negatively impacted by the error. I'm hoping they will find a way to make things right very quickly.

  3. The USTA is the most inept, tone deaf, bureaucratic organization on the planet. They seldom get anything right and it's getting worse. They have no incentive to change. Hopefully UTR and its events will continue to grow and eventually be a complete substitute for the USTA tournament nightmare experience.

  4. I agree with you Tom. While this is the first time I have heard that UsTA national made a major mistake with junior rankings, USTA PD has a pattern of inaccurate and/or delayed results/points for its USTA national top 500 report sent quarterly (supposedly) to ITF for player selection to Future Qualifiers after players with ATP points are selected. Here are some of the mistakes USTA PD has made: USTA PD only sent out two reports in 2017-June and October and did not send out its first 2018 report to ITF until May 2018 10/17 All-American and 11/17 Oracle national fall college event results were not entered into tennislink until 9/5/18 after USTA PD was notified of missing results in early June 2018 (since first 2018 report didn’t come out until mid May, omissions were not found until late spring) Results from four fall 2017 circuits-Columbus Challenger, Columbus, Waco, and Tallahassee Futures were not entered into tennislink until July 2018 thus were excluded from 1st two rankings lists sent to ITF in 2018. Tallahassee results entered 8 months late were processed incorrectly so players who won Quali matches were given main draw USTA points, and MD winners were given Quali points (however those guys get in on ATP points so they were not affected). Some guys earned 4X the points that should have due to error. Error probably wont be fixed until next ITF report. There were 12 Futures played this summer. Only wins from 6 Future Qualifiers (50%) are included on last report generated by USTA PD because first names were left off data entry for all June Future Qualifiers. https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/Rankings/RankingHome.aspx#&&s=4%5cPage_RankingList%5cListID_2036193%5cPlayerID_%5cYear_%5cType_searchresults If you know a player who won Quali matches at either of the two Winston Salem futures or the June Futures at Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, or Tulsa, tell them their results are currently excluded. They may want to write the new USTA PD email is: competitivepathway@usta.com to ask the results to be fixed before the list is sent to ITF in September. However, they will probably get same reply that I did-“thank you for your Email. Work is in progress.” Same reply sent after several Emails and after report was generated that did not fix errors identified in earlier Emails. The fall iTF list will be the last list used for selection to Futures before Transition Tour changes in 2019. It is a shame that USTA PD/Competitive pathway with its big budget cant spend some $ to upgrade its computer system or to audit results entered by different interns 3+ months late with little review. While the USTA top 500 report is only sent to ITF quarterly, tournament results could be entered weekly, a report generated monthly to review internally, so when the quarterly report is due, it could be turned around quickly and accurately. Instead USTA waits and enters 3 months of results in a few weeks with multiple errors, no review, and token response to outsiders who catch their mistakes. Players and parents invest time and money to attend these Futures, only to discover when they want to play tournaments the next year, that they are on the alternate list because USTA forgot to include their wins or left off their first names. With the Transition Tour changes in Jan 2019, USTA PD should have worked hard to provide an accurate fall report to the ITF. Why is USTA satisfied with 50% accuracy, 3+ months late. USTA has forgotten our players are their customers. I sure hope UTR comes up with some high level tournaments that college coaches will attend so players and parents no longer have to deal with the uncaring incompetent unwieldy bureaucracy that is USTA national in the future.

  5. I just saw that USTA Southern has renamed several of its tournaments for 2019 and has changed the PPR charts as well. You can see the name changes here: http://www.southern.usta.com/Juniors/tournaments_rankings/2019_top_junior_tournaments/. You can see the new PPR chart here: http://www.southern.usta.com/High-Performance-Pages/2019_junior_points_per_round. Please take note if you are in one of the 9 states that comprise the Southern Section!!!

  6. For the October Level 2 tournaments, it would be helpful to add a 16 or 32 draw in each age division for the top alternates. This doesn't require the current accepted players to change their plans but it gives spots to players who rightly deserved to be in the Level 2 tournaments.

  7. After receiving two token Emails with the same message, I did hear from a real person at USTA today. It appears the first names have been added to the six June Futures. I hope the USTA top 500 will be rerun with these corrections before the next report is sent to ITF in the near future. After writing USTA about errors last fall, this spring, this summer, and this fall, this is the first time i have gotten a real response. Maybe USTA national is finally getting into place some people who will listen and fix problems.

  8. I can understand parents keeping up with their own child's points, but are they supposed to keep up with the points from players in the other 16 sections? It was good of the parent in the Midwest to point out the problem, but I suspect a lot of parents would keep quiet if their child was awarded extra national points that qualified them into bigger national events. I really respect the Midwest parent that pointed this out.

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