1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Fist pumping and yelling out "come on" is becoming more prevalent at junior tournaments. Young players watch the pros do it but they are not watching the two key elements: 'how and when' the pros do it. Parents should explain that fist pumping at their opponent is unacceptable behavior at any time. Also yelling out "come on" so other courts can hear it is unacceptable. "Come on" should never be said on an error by their opponent. Training begins at home on how to behave on court. We can give all the rules in our speeches, player booklets as well as paying to have officials monitor behavior but we need help from the parents to train their children at home on what is acceptable and what is not. If your child is not acting right on court, please take action and put their racquets in the closet until their behavior changes. We can only do so much in the 2-4 days that a child is in the tournament. It is unfortunate that some players get bad reputations at a young age due to lack of guidance. If parents are unsure of what is appropriate on court behavior, they need to watch Federer and how he behaves on court. Especially watch: when and how he fist pumps and when and how he says 'come on' -- a great role model.

  2. I think juniors cant fully determine the "fine line" referred to in this video so I would say 99.9% of the time it is obnoxious and annoying.

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