1. Hi Lisa....my email is Kknoch10s4him@aol.com. I'd like to see a copy of Andy Findlay's waiver for lessons. I'm preparing something for my clientele and don't want to miss anything. Great interview! Hope all's well for you....Thanks! Kevin Knoch PTR Certified Pro President-PATA Perry High School Head Coach: Boys/Girls Tennis

  2. This link from the US Specialty Sports Association doesn't reference tennis; however, it does include guidelines for returning to play in other sports which could be applied to tennis, including guidelines for tournaments to use. The link also includes a waiver template. https://usssa.com/docs/2020/Covid19-ReturnToPlay-v2.pdf

  3. Also, this post on the Aspen Institute's Project Play website may be helpful: https://www.aspenprojectplay.org/coronavirus-and-youth-sports/reports/2020/5/14/health-experts-travel-games-should-be-last-to-return-in-youth-sports

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