1. I remember two junior tournaments my son played. San Antonio (national hard) and ft lauderdale (national clay) both in the middle of summer, both with temps over a hundred. It was torture. It was brutal to watch kids going into full body cramps and being taken to the hospital. I thought it was ridiculous and bordered on sadism to subject 14 year olds to having to compete in those conditions. There is no way to prepare for those conditions. No way fitness would play a part when you have most of the kids coming from environments that were 20 degrees cooler. That said, 87 degrees or 93 degrees is tough environment to be sure, but definitely doable, which leads me to think that the USTA was being cautious here and didn’t want to see any kid going into a full body cramp or passing out on a national stage. Ok to have it happen in San Antonio or Florida, but not at the us open.

  2. While I can't comment specifically on USTA rules, I believe that consistency across all national or sectional tournaments will help players and coaches know what to expect with a heat rule. WTA has probably had the most consistent rules as players wanted the option, and men (ATP) were in general a little more reluctant. While I don't think it is wise to advocate for "no rule", it would be more beneficial to have less stringent "heat rules" but more opportunity to discuss rules for sufficient time between same day matches for junior tournaments nationally (where there is a lot of inconsistency...and no Arthur Ashe roof!!)

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