Training Like – and WITH! – the Pros with Todd Widom


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Sixteen-year-old Ronnie Hohmann, who won the 2017 Eddie Herr 16s, recently had the unique opportunity to train with several players on the ATP tour. Both Ronnie – and his coach, Todd Widom – learned so much from these training sessions beyond just hitting forehands and backhands.

All junior players and their coaches can learn a lot from studying how the pros train. With so many pro tournaments across the world, there are typically at least one or two days before the main draw starts where the players are on site and getting used to the courts. Practice sessions – other than for some of the very top players – are usually free to attend and open to the public. Consider taking your junior players to watch and see what it means to train like a pro.

Coach Todd Widom made the most of his player’s time hitting with the pros and found a way to point out and then incorporate those professional behaviors with the players he trains. Hear more about what he learned and how he’s using it in this week’s episode.

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  1. You have to understand that home schooled full time academy junior players are not the only players. Some kids have to be in school Monday mornings, working blue collar parents have to go back to work. To the contrary,the USTA is trying to get and keep all talented players involved and keep it fair as possible. One of the best things to ever happen to tennis is the UTR. JUNIOR Rankings are good but can be so over rated.

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