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  2. “tennis players cheat and their parents are horrible” We love the fact that our kids play tennis because as a "generalization" most of the kids in tennis are such a great group of kids. Although cheating is an issue. The USTA is not tough enough on it. My son was playing in a southern level 3 tournament in Rome recently and his friend played a kid who had 4 line calls over ruled by an official in the tie breaker. At what point should a greater penalty be given? Since there is no greater consequence the kid who was cheating has no reason to stop.

    • That's an interesting point. I'll follow up with USTA Southern and ask them your question.

  3. Thanks! I asked the official the same question and she said the calls were close but have the ability to sanction a penalty if they see fit. She said the calls were close. Personally I thought if the calls were over ruled it was not that close.

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