Todd Widom

The following is a list of articles written by Todd Widom – as well as podcasts with him – for ParentingAces:

Point Chasers

Google May Be Your Worst Enemy

Are College & ITFs Really Pathways to the Pros with Todd Widom

Training Like – and WITH! – the Pros with Todd Widom

Has Your Child Been Bucket or Hand Fed Too Many Balls?

Is Tennis Teaching Turning Into Golf?

The Business Behind the Coaching Business

Recap of the Boys 16’s and 18’s Clay Courts

Todd Widom, Pt. 4

Todd Widom Pt. 3

Todd Widom, Pt. 2

Todd Widom, Pt. 1

Does Your Child Lack Confidence?

Has Your Child Outgrown His/Her Training Environment?

Are Junior Tennis Tournaments a Social Gathering?

Maximizing Your Tournament Budget

Home School vs. Traditional School

Tennis Level Does Not Equal Tennis Level

Process Based vs Results Based Tennis Players

The 12’s and 14’s Tennis Superstar Curse

The Academy & Tennis Coach Hopper

How to Adapt from indoor to Outdoor Tennis

More Matches For Our American Junior Tennis Players

Preseason Training For the Elite College Tennis Player

An Interview with Keith Parmenter: The Man in South Florida Who Keeps the Top Tennis Players Injury Free

The Inside Look at an Elite Amateur Tennis Player

The Serbian Tennis Monster Janko Tipsarevic

Fitness During Tournaments for Tennis Players Trying to be Elite


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