1. " I’m not sure if it was allowing on-court coaching, the compass draw format, the player badges and goody bags, or what, but these kids had a great time and exhibited impeccable sportsmanship. And guess what? We had no officials other than our tournament director . . . nor did we need them!" Lisa, it was all of that and more; but most of all it was the ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM AND PRIDE OF THE STAFF!!!! Yourself, Ilene, Salman, Melanie, et al did a hell of a job. In all of out years of playing, we have never experienced a better, more fun, well organized tournament . Let us know when you are next running a #ALLIN tourney in our area, we would love to play/ support the cause. Again, Thank YOU!!!

  2. It was an honor to be a part of such a successful and meaningful event. Lisa, thank you for your commitment and your friendship. I love the way you recounted the tale of #TheSol. One of the many factors that helped to create the amazing atmosphere was the compass draw. Kids had the chance to play multiple matches over the 2 days regardless of wins or losses. This meant there were just as many people around for the final matches as there were for the first matches. This certainly played an integral role in adding to the sense of community of the tournament. Thank you to all the players, parents, sponsors and Sol's friends and family...We Did It...and Sol continues to bring people together <3

  3. My son, Kevin Tang, had a great time. The tournament was well organized. He really enjoyed the tournament. This was what he said "What made this tournament stand out is that each match would be two of three sets with regular scoring, even for the 'consolation'. Other tournaments tend to have 'no ad scoring' and 'eight game pro sets' which drastically shorten the playing times for the players. So I enjoyed the long matches. It's great that there was lunch provided and ice cold water on each of the twelve courts, so it was more convenient for the players. Great atmosphere, great staff, very convenient, and very competitive matches." Thank you again for organizing this great tournament. We were an hour away, but it was well worth the drive. Please let us know when you come back to MD or VA. We would love to play and support the cause! Thank you!

  4. So glad you guys did that. Sol was such a great human being!

  5. I look forward to watching this event grow. This is what Tennis is all about!

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