1. My thoughts exactly about tennis team competition and how it can make you an even stronger competitor. My daughters goal is to play for the Gators and this weekend we are off to see the gators play the gamecocks down in Columbia. Since we are likely to be one of the few gator fans in the stands you can count on it that we will be very loud. Good post and go USA on beating Spain.

  2. NICE ARTICLE! Good thoughts. I was just wonderin-- Why do humans (Americans are not the only sports crazy people) enjoy watching other people play? Why are heroes people who can run fast or shoot well? (for all the Braves fans) Why do we all feel sorry for Chipper Jones having to quit playing a kids game and do something else-even though he is very wealthy? and my biggest question--WHAT DID PEOPLE TALK ABOUT BEFORE SPORTS BECAME A HUGE PART OF SO MANY PEOPLE'S LIVES? WHAT WAS LIFE LIKE BEFORE ESPN-? I kind of remember. I barely remember when Sunday afternoon TV did not have football. It seems like we went and visited relatives.

  3. Excellent advise. My oldest child's high school team was soooo much about team. He loved it. The support they gave each other on and off the court is an experience he would never give up. Tennis is such a lonely sport he loved the change to be part of a team. He always said he felt more pressure when playing for the team because he didn't want to let them down, but it also taught him to push a little harder and find another level so he didn't fail. He was then able to take that to his individual tennis. Learing to be a part of a team, to support and encourage is a life lesson like no other. I think these things are so important. The benefit of the education is nothing to laugh at either. We all need a good back-up plan.

  4. Luv it!!! This is so cool.. Keel posting it.

  5. “We” Won « ParentingAces

  6. Love tennis ;-)

  7. I couldn't agree more with your article. I am a strong believer in staying in school and going to college for all tennis professional hopefuls. In fact it should be the only route to get to the ATP circuit. All of us coaches and parents should unite our efforts in making all those kids go to college and graduate before they do in fact start dreaming about making a living in the ATP tour. Lets encourage this great path as it is followed by other sports like football and basketball. Our son for instance was the number 1 Junior player in the United States in all age divisions from 1999 to 2004 (what better credentials to hit the tour) and we encouraged him to attend college which he did. He graduated from the University of Florida GO GATORS! and then he went on to briefly coach the Princeton Tigers before entering Law School at the University of Alabama yes, Roll Tide!! where he will be graduating next month. Now he is contemplating going to the tour and play. Best of Luck to him and hope he makes it like the Isners of the world. If he does which he will, awesome and outstanding but, if he does not, he is an attorney in the United States and we are proud coaches and parents of his accomplishments and decisions he has made thus far.

    • Congratulations to your son AND his awesome parents and coaches on his numerous accomplishments! Thank you for commenting and sharing your story.

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