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  1. If it is any relief, we where at that same tournament but we instead chose to stay and hoped for for the best and of course that turned out to be a poor decision. My daughter was also seeded for the 1st time in a STA L3 since recently aging up into the 14s. Prior to this tournament she played 4 southern L3 tournaments in a row, this was her 5th tournament in 5 weekends (her choice more than ours...how could we say no). She was a finalist in two of them and a finalist in the back draw in the other two. She was feeling good and playing great leading up to this tournament and she felt like this was her opportunity to go all the way. But I guess it was just not meant to be. Oh well. As a side note about those 4 tournaments, 3 of those had multiple rain delays and eventually ended up playing short sets and in one they even made it No-Add along with the shorts set. Next week we are off to the Auburn Bullfrog (Praying real hard sunshine!) and then a well deserved rest from tournaments for several weeks for all of us.

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