Always thoughtful and informative

Dear Lisa, as a parent of two competitive tennis players I wish to give you a heartfelt thanks for all the tireless work you put in every week on social media to inform, educate, and guide those of us who try to navigate the often mystifying waters of junior and college tennis.  As people who had no background whatsoever in US tennis, having grown in a different country, my wife and I had to rely on few advisors and a lot of information found on line in trying to figure out how to best advise our daughters on tennis related matters. In doing so, I have found your blog ParentingAces, your Facebook posts, podcasts and tweets always thoughtful and informative. Your knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for the game is refreshing.   You always come across as sincere and willing to help, either by educating about how to choose a college or how to deal with players who tend to make “bad calls” or by sharing with the readers the details of healthy diets or the challenges of traveling with your child to tournaments.  You have an obvious unpretentious attitude and speak from the heart.  You certainly helped this father to keep up with the scoring and the action at the NCAA tournament in Athens. I hope you will continue to support junior and college tennis and keep your readers and listeners informed for many more years.

Carlo DiLorenzoTennis ParentColumbus, Ohio