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USTA Holds Nationwide Online Audition for US Open

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I received the following press release from USTA this afternoon. For those of you with musically-talented children, this is such a great opportunity for them to perform for an international audience! The USTA announced today that for the fifth consecutive year, it has launched a nationwide online audition as part of

US Open Musings Day 14

day 14

This was a very interesting US Open to say the least! Between the heat, the questionable decisions by various chair umpires throughout the two weeks, and the scoring and coaching rule changes for the Junior events, there has been plenty to write about and discuss. Now that the tournament is

US Open Musings Day 13

Lori Riffice

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my favorite things about being at the US Open is meeting people I've previously only connected with electronically. For several days, my friend, Bill Kallenberg, had been telling me I should do an interview with Lori Riffice. Lori is a Tennis Parent who also

US Open Musings Day 12


One of the very cool things about being credentialed at the US Open is the people you meet in the Media Center and Media Dining Room. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of being introduced to people like Joel Drucker, Bill Simons, Jon Wertheim, Sandra Harwitt, Ben Rothenberg, Cindy