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Does Junior Tennis Need a DNF Rating?


Over the years I've been involved in USTA junior tennis, there have been several instances where our governing body has created a rule or policy without considering or accounting for potential unintended consequences. A new Withdrawal Rule is yet another case where innocent juniors may be punished unintentionally. Effective January 1,

Thank You to my Sponsors & Supporters!

My Southern Momma always taught me to express my thanks when someone did something nice for me. Writing thank you notes was NOT my favorite pastime as a child, but I guess the habit was ingrained from an early age. Please consider this my thank you note to each of

When Tennis Players Give Back Y'all know how much I love to hear about tennis players giving back to their communities. And, when the various organizations within our sport take the initiative to sponsor community service opportunities . . . well, that is The Best! In this week's podcast, I chat with Mary Edman, Director of