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Young Players & Social Media

social media

The other morning as I was checking the ParentingAces Instagram, I noticed a new "follow." When I clicked on the profile and saw this new follower was a 9-year-old child, it made me a bit uncomfortable. Why is a 9-year-old on Instagram and why is he following ParentingAces?   As I investigated

Sweet Spot of Sport Parent Involvement

CLICK ON THE PLAYER BELOW TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: Coach John O'Sullivan of Changing the Game Project discusses transactional vs. transformational coaching (read more here) and why we parents need to seek out coaches who are truly invested in the development of the whole child, not just the tennis player.

How I Stopped Dealing With Parents

I first came across the article below on Coach John O'Sullivan's Changing the Game Project website. Coach John originally saw it here, on the Breakthrough Basketball site. Yes, it was written by a basketball coach, Nate Sanderson, and aimed at the parents of young female basketball players, but I think you'll agree that

Holding Up A Mirror: HBO’s Trophy Kids

If you haven't already, be sure to watch the latest HBO sports documentary, State of Play: Trophy Kids, that is currently airing on HBO and HBO Go. Here is the trailer:   I was deeply affected - I am still feeling the impact of Josh and Justus, Steve and Derek, Jamie and her twin boys,