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BB&T Atlanta Open Day 4


Today is my last day at the BB&T Atlanta Open. I hope you've been enjoying the Tweets and Instagram posts in addition to the daily updates here! You can find all my livestream videos from around the grounds on our YouTube Channel here. If you’re on site today, let me

New Tennis Event in South Florida

UTR events seem to be spreading like wildfire, much to my excitement, and I wanted to let y'all know about a unique one being put on by the Academia Sanchez-Casal (ASC) in Naples, Florida, December 7-10, 2017 (registration deadline is November 30, 2017). Just FYI, the Junior Orange Bowl starts December

Could This Work for Juniors?

I know y'all are sick and tired of hearing about my travels, but this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a really unique college tournament at the University of Minnesota, and it got me thinking. . . Here's how the tournament worked: Colleges entered pairs of players who were