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21-Day Challenge Workout Schedule

The following is a day by day list of the workouts we incorporated into our 21-Day Challenge. If you click on the name of the facility, you will go to its website. All of these classes can be found on ClassPass (click here to receive a $20 discount off your first

Day 21: We Did It!

We did it! And we finished with a bang, squeezing in 2 tough workouts (well, Emma and I did at least!) and 2 delicious meals! Savannah (my middle daughter) came over for lunch this afternoon. She was recruited to act as Official Taste-Tester for the batch of chocolate chip cookies Emma was

Day 20: Our Last Big Marketing Trip

We decided to do one last marketing trip to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies to get us through today and tomorrow. After our morning cycle class, Emma and I hit up the Dekalb Farmers Market, this incredible array of produce, spices, grains, canned goods, meats, and seafood sourced

Day 19: Lots of Snacking

Today's lunch, the Antioxidant Love Salad, didn't really tide either Emma or me over for the afternoon for some reason. Maybe it's because of our morning TRX workout (it was extra tough today - thanks a lot, Erin!). Or maybe our bodies are starting to metabolize all the greens more