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A New Wave of Online Coaching with Jeff Dawson

Jeff Dawson

To listen to this week's podcast with Jeff Dawson, click the white arrow below:   What happens when 3 brothers, all alums of the Yale Men's Tennis program, are inspired by an Aristotle quote to create an online space to offer coaching from some of the best in the business? Rhabit! Repetitive actions,

Development: Business Behind the Coaching Business Pt. 3   In Part 3 of my series with Todd Widom, we discuss the importance of choosing a coach who has a long-term development plan for your child. Unfortunately for us parents, there are many coaches and academies out there who just want to keep giving your child - and charging you! -

Looking Beyond the Hype: Pt. 2 with Todd Widom   In this second in a series of episodes devoted to the business side of tennis, Coach Todd Widom discusses how to look beyond the hype to determine what coaches and academies have really accomplished with their players. Whether it's rankings or college placements and scholarships, sometimes you have to dig

The Business Behind the Coaching Business

This week's podcast: The Coaching Business: With the growth of the internet and the proliferation of online tennis sites, it's tough to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Coach Todd Widom comes to the rescue! In this first in a series of episodes devoted to the business side of tennis, Todd