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Fueling Your Body for Success with Julie Nicoletti

Julie Nicoletti

Click the white arrow below to listen to this week's podcast: Welcome to Season 8, Episode 14 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this week's episode, we take a detailed look at hydration and nutrition for junior tennis players. My guest is Certified Sports Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist for the Boston Bruins,

Using Nutrition to Maximize Performance with Jackie Slomin, RD

Jackie Slomin

Click on the white arrow below to listen to this week's podcast:   Jackie Slomin is a sports dietitian who helps high school athletes get recruited to top tier colleges on scholarship with her Fuel Your Full Ride program.  Having previously worked with hundreds of division I and II athletes from all

Eating for Maximum Performance & Growth with Dr. Charlotte Alabaster

Click on the white arrow below to listen to this week's podcast.   Family practicioner, Charlotte Alabaster, originally from the UK and now living and practicing in Calgary, Canada, grew up playing tennis only recreationally but fell in love with the sport. As a family practice physician, Charlotte has encountered several elite youth

Travel Like A Pro and Score A Winning Advantage

The following was written by Registered Dietician, Jeff Rothschild, for his website and is reprinted here with his permission. If you missed my radio show with Jeff, you definitely need to check out the podcast on the ParentingAces YouTube channel! Most people are familiar with the term home field advantage, but how

Nutrition, High-Tech Style

My son's fitness trainer had a little chat with him last week about his nutritional needs and how best to meet them.  My son is growing taller but is still lacking in the "cushioning" category - i.e. he's all lean body mass with very few physical reserves or extra fat