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Why Now?

Many of you have asked why I chose to convert to a membership platform. As I wrote in, after over 8 years of producing free content, I think it's finally time to start generating some revenue to cover the expenses involved in running both a website and a podcast. While I

3 More Days!

For those of you who haven't taken advantage of our Early Bird Discount yet, you only have 3 more days! Today, tomorrow, and Sunday - join our Membership Community as a Monthly or as an Annual Member and receive 10% off your first year's cost. That means instead of paying $9.95

Today’s the Day!

Our new Memberships are now live! As you will see when you visit and start clicking around, you must be logged in either as a Free Member or as a Monthly or Annual Member in order to view our content. Free Members receive access to most of the content on

This Is It!

Today is the absolute last day you can view all content on our site. After today . . . well . . . Join! Become a Member! You have options! Beginning tomorrow morning at 8:00am ET, all content on will be available to Members only. But, don't worry, we've made it

Exciting Changes Ahead!


For the past 7 and a half years, I have enjoyed creating and sharing tennis information with y'all through this website and our related podcast and social media channels. It all started during my son's freshman year in high school as a result of my own frustration. I wanted -