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Pre-US Open Update from Lisa Stone

To listen to this week's podcast, click the white arrow below: Welcome to Season 8, Episode 35 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this week's episode, Creator Lisa Stone, gives a brief update on what's happening at ParentingAces and what's coming on the website and podcast during the 2019 US Open. If you are

The ParentingAces Brand


Click the white arrow below to watch this bonus VIDEO episode:   You never know where life will lead you! Several years ago, I started getting Facebook messages from a fellow Tennis Parent in the UK asking me questions about training abroad and college tennis opportunities in the US. As Sharon Gaskin and

Great Shot Podcast with ParentingAces Lisa Stone

  Click on the arrow below to listen to this episode:   I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the amazing talents behind the Great Shot Podcast, Alex Gruskin and Max Rothman. We did the interview as I was driving back to Atlanta from the Blue Gray Tennis Classic in Alabama,

Last First Day

Today is my son's last First Day of School. The last time I ask him to - begrudgingly - pose for that oh-so-important First Day of School photo. There's something just a bit heartbreaking in the realization that this is the very last time I will experience a First Day of School

Our Clay Courts Experience

Now that Phase 1 (the Florida part) of our Summer Tennis Travel is done, I thought I'd write up a quick list of things we experienced and learned from the National Clay Courts in Delray. For those of you who were there or at sites for the other divisions, please