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Going Deeper Inside UTR


Happy Independence Day to those of you in the US! Now, let's talk UTR! Yesterday, the folks at Universal Tennis released a new blog post explaining in more detail how their rating system works. This is an article that was thoughtfully prepared with input from people within and without the UTR

Does Junior Tennis Need a DNF Rating?


Over the years I've been involved in USTA junior tennis, there have been several instances where our governing body has created a rule or policy without considering or accounting for potential unintended consequences. A new Withdrawal Rule is yet another case where innocent juniors may be punished unintentionally. Effective January 1,

5 Ways I Avoid Being “That” Tennis Parent

tennis parents

This guest post is from Debbie Graham Shaffer and originally appeared on Marianne Werdel's blog here. Here are just a few of Debbie's accomplishments… Junior tennis: Won 10 national championships and ended junior career #1 in the US and #2 ITF Debbie Graham College tennis: Won NCAA singles her sophomore

State of the Game Part 2: Junior Tennis


Dave Miley, who you heard on our podcast regarding the new ITF Transition Tour (click here), is on a mission to #SaveTennis. This is the second in a series of articles by Dave originally appearing on Elite Tennis that we will be reprinting here with Dave’s permission. He and I would both love to

#theSol Year 2

It's hard to believe that almost a whole year has gone by since our inaugural Sol Schwartz #SaveCollegeTennis All In Tournament. Last year's event (click here to read all about it) was a tremendous success by all measures, and we hope to do even better this year. As in 2016, this