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Have You Joined Yet?

Now that we are well into Week 1 of the 2019 US Open, I wanted to send out a quick reminder about our Premium Memberships and Patreon Patron options for you to get EXTRA content on our site and podcast. As I've posted on our social media channels, I had the

3 More Days!

For those of you who haven't taken advantage of our Early Bird Discount yet, you only have 3 more days! Today, tomorrow, and Sunday - join our Membership Community as a Monthly or as an Annual Member and receive 10% off your first year's cost. That means instead of paying $9.95

Data Tells the Story

The following article was written by Javier Palenque and is reprinted here, unedited, with his permission. In the past thirty years American tennis has seen a 73% decline in the amount of top 100 players in the ATP tour. This alarming number basically tells us that we lose every decade 25%

The Podcast

My main goal with ParentingAces has always been to help Tennis Parents avoid some of the pitfalls that my family encountered during the Junior Tennis Journey. In addition to the articles I post here, I am also constantly scouring the internetĀ for information that will further the mission of ParentingAces thenĀ posting