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Our First Premium-Member Webinar

As promised, our first online webinar is coming soon . . . May 9th to be exact! I am thrilled to be partnering with CrossCourt Consulting to offer our Monthly and Annual Members an opportunity to ask questions of some of the best coaches in the business. The Webinar Panel will

The USTA Proposal

In my last article, I alluded to the changes that may or may not be coming to USTA Junior Competition in 2020. After the article was published, I received the following document from an anonymous reader: Background As mentioned in my last article, participation in Junior Tennis has declined precipitously over the

What is Periodization & How Do We Use It with Dr. Mark Kovacs

Mark Kovacs

To listen to this week's podcast, click the white arrow below: Welcome to Season 8, Episode 12 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this week's episode, I chat with Mark Kovacs, PhD, founder of the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA) and fellow Atlanta resident, about the concept of Periodization and how best to

How the ITF is Failing Our Players

What in the world was the International Tennis Federation (ITF) thinking when it instituted this ridiculous World Tennis Tour in January of this year? Did the ITF Big Wigs really think this was the proper way to grow the sport? And, now that players, coaches, and parents are speaking out