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Do North American Collegians Rely too Much on Wild Cards?

Today's Guest Post was written by a member of the ParentingAces Community who also happens to be an accountant. This analysis goes hand-in-hand with the previous article regarding why two professional tours are problematic for players. If you have any questions or need clarification, please post in the Comments below. Currently

How the ITF is Failing Our Players

What in the world was the International Tennis Federation (ITF) thinking when it instituted this ridiculous World Tennis Tour in January of this year? Did the ITF Big Wigs really think this was the proper way to grow the sport? And, now that players, coaches, and parents are speaking out

Why We Should Care About the ITF with Dave Miley

Dave Miley

To listen to this week's podcast, click on the white arrow below: Several months ago, I had the pleasure of talking with Dave Miley, the Executive Director of Tennis Development for the International Tennis Federation (ITF) from 1991 until 2015 who was responsible for the non professional activities of the ITF including