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When Your Parent Is A Former Pro


There are several players in this year's Easter Bowl with famous parents - names such as Mandlikova, Roddick, McEnroe, and Damm appear in several of the draws. Yesterday's press release from the tournament, reprinted in its original form below, highlighted these players, and I thought y'all might be interested in

What A Difference 2 Years Make!

Almost exactly two years ago, my son played in his very first Junior ITF tournament in Waco, Texas. While it was an excellent learning experience for him to understand what he needed to do to reach the next level, it was also a very quick experience in that he lost

Waco ITF – The Outcome

Day 1 of Qualies, ITF Tournament 1, Waco, Texas Coach Julius (via text message to me): Game on! Me: What's that mean???? Coach: He just started. Me: Ah, thanks!  Keep me posted! Coach: Very rough start.  Nerves.  Lots of unforced errors.  0-4. Me: Uh oh Coach: 0-6.  Playing scared.  Poor shot selection and too many short balls

Waco ITF – The Decision

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to comment here or via Twitter or via Facebook or via email - I knew y'all would have some great suggestions for me!  I love hearing about your experiences with these different tournaments and how you weigh cost vs. value.