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Young Players & Social Media

social media

The other morning as I was checking the ParentingAces Instagram, I noticed a new "follow." When I clicked on the profile and saw this new follower was a 9-year-old child, it made me a bit uncomfortable. Why is a 9-year-old on Instagram and why is he following ParentingAces?   As I investigated

Behind the Racquet with Noah Rubin

Noah Rubin

Click the white arrow below to listen to this Bonus Episode: Welcome to this Bonus Episode of the ParentingAces Podcast!  Growing the game of tennis is the mission of many organizations and individuals out there, including Yours Truly. However, there seems to be a disconnect between the marketing experts and those on

What’s in YOUR Bag?

Show us what you've got . . . in your tennis bag, that is! We are partnering with Holabird Sports to bring you a fun contest during the 2013 US Open. Here's the scoop: Using Instagram, record a 15-second Bag Check video (click here for an example) Post it using hashtags #usopenaces and

My First Major As Media

In case you missed my announcement several weeks ago, I was approved as Media for the upcoming US Open. This is a HUGE DEAL! I am beyond excited! And just a little nervous. I've never had media credentials at a big event like this (truth be told, I've only ever