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US Open Musings Day 8

Day 8

One of my favorite parts of being at the US Open and watching the juniors compete is meeting the parents. Over the past almost-7 years, I have met some incredible people, most of whom I've stayed in contact with as their junior player transitions into college or even onto the

US Open Musings Day 4


I'm about to share with you a tennis success story. A few days ago I was scrolling through Twitter, trying to catch up on all the juicy tennis news, when I came across this: Naturally, I had to reply in hopes of finding out more. This was clearly a story worth investigating.

BB&T Atlanta Open Day 4


Today is my last day at the BB&T Atlanta Open. I hope you've been enjoying the Tweets and Instagram posts in addition to the daily updates here! You can find all my livestream videos from around the grounds on our YouTube Channel here. If you’re on site today, let me