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The State of Junior Cheating and Other Relevant Topics with Bill Patton

This week's podcast: The topic of cheating in junior tennis seems to come up ad nauseum both on this podcast as well as on the ParentingAces social media outlets. I'm not sure if that means the issue is getting worse or if we're just talking about it more, but, either way,

PlaySight’s Role in Playing Fair

Click to listen: This is the first of my podcasts recorded during the 2017 NCAA Division I Tennis Championships in Athens, GA. PlaySight Head of Sales Racquet Sports, Josh Graves, grew up in tennis. Upon graduating from Northwestern where he played #1 for the men's tennis team, he sought a job. Using

Letter from a Young Player

I know there are many people out there who don't feel cheating is a problem in junior tennis . . . or at least they don't feel it's a widespread problem that needs to be discussed. I disagree, and since this is my website, I will continue to facilitate a