1. Good to know and many thanks for sharing.

  2. In hot and muggy Ft. Myers this weekend at the L2, kids were given 1 hour between matches. First round was 2 of 3 full sets, rounds after that were shortened to tiebreak in lieu of 3rd due to rain on Saturday. I thought there was a provision for extreme heat; if there is, it was never invoked. One issue with this is having enough time to eat and digest something other than a bar/banana, especially if you have singles at 10 and then again at, say, 12:30. The main site had no food (sandwiches, etc) available for sale which meant that part of that hour was spent driving off site and searching for a sandwich. In the case of Ft Myers, the tournament was spread over many different sites each about 15 min drive, which also cut into that hour. Hectic to say the least. It's understandable that USTA wants minimal rest between matches to ensure the tourney is completed, especially in rainy seasons. I don't know if an hour is enough recovery time or not during summer months in areas like FL, but would be nice if tourney ensured food was available for purchase (a simply plain turkey sandwich is enough!) and also considered drive time between sites for matches.

    • I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner! If you had know. About the rule, you could have insisted your child be given more time between matches. Knowledge is power!

  3. My son also played Fort Myers and ran a low grade fever for a day after he got home; maybe he was dehydrated from playing 5 singles matches in 2 days. It sounds like rest time for 3rd set tiebreak is left to the discretion of tournament staff. I like the rule used by one of the large draw Georgia tournaments last summer (all matches were 3rd set tiebreak): When players are scheduled to play 2 singles matches in one day, they will be offered a rest period equal to the length of their first match, with a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours. Not all best of 3 matches require 3 sets so it only seems fair that long 2 set + 3rd set tiebreak should have the same rest as a main draw best of three full sets. It seems any match 2+ hours long in the heat should have 2 hours rest. Speaking of heat and hydration, here are links to two USTA site on those topics: http://assets.usta.com/assets/1/15/2008_Heat_and_Hydration_for_Tennis_Final.pdf and http://www.usta.com/Improve-Your-Game/Sport-Science/193889_Heat_and_Hydration_Information_for_Players_Parents_and_Coaches/ The 2nd site has a link to a heat index. Parents, what are your juniors drinking on court this summer? Water, sport drinks, Pedialyte (some trainers have recommended in past)? Do you order a special powder? Do you add extra salt to sports drinks? I have noticed some new brands of sports drinks that have coconut water as a base instead of regular water. Have any of you tried those? My son was not crazy about the taste. I have even seen recipes for homemade sports drinks using citrus juice (orange, lemon, or lime), filtered water or coconut water, honey, plus sea salt or Himalayan salt. Please share your thoughts on what is best. I sometimes carry a blender with us to tournaments to make protein shakes; I guess I could make sports drinks too.

  4. I'm just seeing this, but my daughter has been drinking Vitalyte for several years. It tastes a little like salty water and has (I think) excellent formulation. We purchase it online directly through the VItalyte website. She will occasionally do the pre-performance mix and the recovery mix, particularly in the hot summer months. She will also sometimes do a caffeinated gel, taken with water. In early May this year, she collapsed on court when both legs literally gave out from under her mid-point due to cramping that had begun in her hands and worked it's way to the legs, feet and abdomen as she played the second set. Talking to a former high level pro with a lot of experience with cramping, it seems like she may not have been drinking enough water. She was doing Vitalyte and a little gel only. She had cramped (badly, but nothing like this!) once in a match before, but generally is OK in the Florida heat. After that experience, she has been sure to alternate plain water + Vitalyte during matches, and of course, to hydrate like made in the days leading up to big summer tournaments.

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