1. Raising Big Smiling Tennis Kids: a complete roadmap for every parent and coach by Keit Kattan Highly recommend this book for tennis parents. I read it right from the start when my kids declared tennis as their sport.

  2. Lovin' your blog! Always looking for help to keep "the beast" under control! Suggested reading : Mindset by Carol Dweck and The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian. Watched Morgan in Mobile a few weeks ago and he looks great!

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  4. Game. Set. Life by Ed Tseng is a must read. He is one of the top authorities on the Mental Game.

  5. Would love for you to share my new book! Totally Tennis For Me is a recently released book about a little girl starting tennis for the first time. A fun read for young kids!! Sold on Amazon. Thanks so much! Becky Holmes

  6. ParentingAces » The ParentingAces 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

  7. I recently read, "Letters to an Aspiring Tennis Pro" by Alan G. Peyrouton and it blew me away. I wish it was around when my son was working so hard to make it on the challenger and satellite circuit. The author really knows his tennis. If any parent is helping their child or if there's a player out there who has any intention of turning pro, I highly recommend this book. I found it on Amazon.

  8. So you want to win wimbledon by martin baldridge

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