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2/7/2017Todd Widom, Part 4Todd is joined by his momma, Eloise, to discuss the role of the parent in raising a tennis player
1/12/2016Frank GiampaoloThe latest edition of The Tennis Parents Bible
12/29/2015Melanie RubinParenting through the various stages of tennis from juniors to pro
10/13/2015Gayal Pitts BlackHow to choose the right coach for your junior player
8/18/2015Nicole Pitts & Gayal Pitts BlackRaising & developing top-level players
8/4/2015Kate RaidtHow to put a stop to cheating in junior tennis
5/28/2015Lisa StoneRaising resilient athletes
2/3/2015Tracy AustinBoth sides of the Tennis Player-Parent relationship
12/5/2014Lisa StoneParenting a junior tennis player
10/20/2014Kathy BryanRaising twin world champions
10/6/2014Marissa Irvin GouldGrowing up as a tennis player & sharing tennis via her new children’s book
9/8/2014Melanie RubinUS Open Debrief
8/25/2014Wayne Bryan, Steve Johnson, & Melanie RubinLive from the US Open
6/23/2014Chad StoloffBest practices for tennis parents
6/9/2014Kelly JonesPlayer, Coach, Parent
2/10/2014Larry LauerTrophy Kids follow-up
12/23/2013The Norman FamilyUSTA Midwest Family of the Year
11/25/2013Frank GiampaoloMatch-Day Preparation & Parents’ Role
10/14/2013Wayne BryanRaising Healthy Tennis Kids
9/16/2013Joel DruckerTennis Parenting Through the Ages
9/2/2013Bobby BlairGoing Through Jr Tennis with a Secret
8/5/2013Rob MillerHelping Our Kids Have a Better Sports Experience
4/8/2013Melanie RubinParenting Elite Players
3/18/2013David BenzelBeing A Better Sports Parent
12/24/2012Louise AllenParenting Young Players
12/17/2012Steve Johnson, Sr.Tennis Parenting
9/17/2012Matt DektasThe Perfect Tennis Parent
8/12/2012David BenzelBeing A Better Sports Parent
10/27/2015Brandon ChristopherBuddy the Ball & love of the game
4/14/2014Walter GiacomettiTeddy Tennis
3/3/2014Richie MartinTennis development for the U10 set
3/25/2013Lawrence Roddick & others10-and-Under Tennis
2/25/2013J.P. WeberYellow Ball Tournaments for 10-and-Under Players
2/4/2013Lawrence & Blanche Roddick10-and-Under Tennis
10/1/2012Susan Nardi10-and-Under Tennis
3/7/2017Frank Giampaolo & Bill RiddleHigh-performance coaches talk us through the junior development process from early years through high school.
2/28/2017John Falbo, Part 5Part 5 of my conversation with John Falbo who shares even more stories from his life in tennis
1/31/2017Clay ThompsonFormer UCLA standout discusses his life in tennis and his work to grow the game with Tennacity
1/17/2017Bill PattonCoach Patton discusses the challenges and benefits of online coaching
1/10/2017Martin BlackmanUSTA’s head of Player Development discusses how parents can access USTA camps, the new Lake Nona campus, and USTA’s recommittment to US College Tennis
12/27/2016John Falbo, Part 4Lisa continues her conversation with John Falbo, discussing his life in tennis
12/20/2016Todd Widom, Part 32017 Jr Comp changes in terms of aging up & tourney scheduling
12/6/2016Lark BaxterBeing a player development rep for tennis manufacturers & transitioning to high-level coaching
11/29/2016John Falbo, Part 3Round 3 of John’s chats with Lisa
11/22/2016Todd Widom, Part 2Jr ITF tournaments, point construction, & off-court training
10/24/2016Todd Widom, Part 1Coaching & developing junior players
10/11/2016John Falbo, Part 2Round 2 of John’s chats with Lisa
9/13/2016John Falbo, Part 1Life in tennis from juniors to college to the pro tour
8/23/2016Vivian ChhetriCoaching high-level juniors
8/16/2016Bill PattonVision training for junior tennis players
8/2/2016Andrew CarterA life in tennis, from juniors to college to the pro tour LIVE from the BB&T Atlanta Open
7/26/2016Johan KriekNew junior academy at PGA National Resort & Spa
7/19/2016Michael RussellJuniors to College to Pro Tour to Business World (ArrowBar – use code ACES15 for discount!)
6/24/2016Aaron StrimbanLife after college tennis: From Hoos to Lawyer
4/19/2016Harsh MankadTenicity & the importance of having a plan
4/12/2016Trey WalstonLife after junior/college tennis
3/29/2016Ryan SegelkeHigh Altitude Tennis Live from Uganda
3/1/2016Sammy GiammalvaChallenges facing junior tennis development
1/26/2016Eric ButoracA different way to develop
1/19/2016Bill Patton & Styrling StrotherHigh School tennis coaching education & USATennisCoach, LLC
12/22/2015Elliott McDermedDeveloping college-bound players
12/1/2015Sarah Stone & Ann Grossman WunderlichCoaching female players
11/10/2015John Eagleton & Gene MayerThe Techne Tennis approach to tennis teaching
11/3/2015Tim Mayotte & Scott SchultzUSTA University coaching college
10/21/2015Ryan SegelkeA thorough approach to junior development & parent education
9/8/2015Oscar Wegner, John Carpenter, & Chuck TomlinThe Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) approach to tennis development
8/27/2015Chris EubanksA unique developmental process from jrs to college to pro
8/4/2015Kate RaidtHow to put a stop to cheating in junior tennis
7/14/2015Brandon FeusnerThe importance of high school tennis to overall development (National HS Tennis Association)
7/7/2015Johan KriekMaking junior tournaments better & maximizing summer training opportunities
5/26/2015Frank GiampaoloThe art of winning & what parents need to know about recruiting
5/5/2015George OpelkaWhat to do when your 17 year old decides to turn pro
4/28/2015Chris LewitWhat it means to train the “Spanish way”
3/24/2015Ben NcubeHow can we do better in the US in terms of junior development & competition?
1/20/2015Steve KellerWhat is takes to become a PTR-certified coach
12/2/2014Bill PattonJunior development and high school tennis best practices
11/25/2014Shane SabelJunior development and the pathway to college
9/29/2014Johan KriekAll Things Tennis: Past, Present, & Future
9/22/2014Marc LuceroFuture of US Player Development, Part 2
9/15/2014Tim MayotteFuture of US Player Development
6/16/2014Steve SmithDeveloping junior tennis players
4/28/2014Noel WadawuEvolution of a Junior Tennis Coach
3/24/2014John O’SullivanChanging The Game Project
3/17/2014Grant ChenTraining differences between juniors, college, & pro tour
3/10/2014Molly SchwartzJunior Grand Prix Tennis: A New Alternative
2/3/2014Duey EvansThe value of practice matches
1/27/2014Dick StocktonGrowing up in the world of tennis, college tennis, & the lessons learned
1/20/2014Bill PattonWhy play high school tennis?
10/21/2013Nick SavianoNick’s Coaching Philosophy: Put Kids First
10/7/2013John EagletonA New Way to Train
9/23/2013Chris LewisHow to Develop New American Tennis Stars
9/9/2013Jeff Salzenstein & Tim SealsA Better Approach to Junior Tennis
7/15/2013Barbara TippleSending Your Junior to Train Abroad
7/8/2013Paul FergusonUsing Challenge Ladders to Aid in Development
7/1/2013Craig CignarelliWhat Parents Should Expect from a Coach
6/24/2013Carling Bassett SegusoGrowing up a Champion, Becoming a Parent
6/17/2013Carlos GoffiDeveloping Junior Players
5/20/2013Amer DelicTransitioning from Jrs to College to Pro to Coaching
5/13/2013Marc LuceroJunior Tennis Coaching
4/22/2013Tom AllsoppOnline Tennis Coaching
1/14/2013Barry BussTrials & Tribulations of Young Elite Players
11/26/2012Larry LauerCoaching Research
11/5/2012Johan KriekJunior Tennis Coaching
10/29/2012Frank GiampaoloTennis Parent Bible
7/12/2016VariousSol Schwartz #SaveCollegeTennis All-In tournament (click here for more info)  presented by Holabird Sports
3/22/2016VariousDecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships
9/15/2015Dave FishUTR Boston Open, a level-based tournament
8/4/2015Kate RaidtHow to put a stop to cheating in junior tennis
6/9/2015Evan Zeder2015 New Balance High School Tennis Championships
3/3/2015Nicole Lascelle-HornigSolutions to cheating & gamesmanship in junior tennis
12/30/2014Dave FishLive from Winter Nationals
8/4/2014Rachel Kros & Raina FishbaineInsights from Kalamazoo
7/14/2014Marlena HallWhat it takes to put on the National Clay Court tourney
5/19/2014Steve Huber and Dave ArcherHow Junior Grand Prix Tennis is growing the game
4/21/2014Bruce Schilling & Bill MountfordNew Balance High School Tennis Championships
12/9/2013Alex GuthrieEddie Herr recap, Orange Bowl preview, & D3 recruiting experience
10/28/2013Donna BaileyFriend At Court
8/12/2013VariousKalamazoo Wrap-Up
2/18/2013Various guests2014 National Jr Comp changes, con’t
2/11/2013Various guests2014 National Junior Competition changes
12/3/2012Dave HowellUniversal Tennis Ratings
10/22/2012Don PetrineJr Orange Bowl
10/15/2012Ernie HartfieldUSTA Officials
8/6/2012Sol SchwartzHolabird-Adidas All-In Jr Tennis Challenge
5/31/2016Kamala NellenYoga instructor/Life coach talks about why young athletes need to train from the inside out www.coachingforchampionsllc.com
5/17/2016Bob LitwinTelling the best stories as the parent of an young athlete
3/15/2016Lisa WellsteadThe importance of mindfulness training for junior players
9/1/2015Joey JohnsonPreparing for tournament play: the mental side
5/19/2015Jacques DallaireHelping our kids perform at their prime
7/7/2014Jorge CapestanyTraining the mental side of tennis
5/27/2014Joey JohnsonDeveloping the Worthy to Win mindset
5/12/2014Michael CooperHuman Performance Mentors
1/13/2014Dr. Bob & Tami NeffMental toughness training for players, parents, & coaches
11/11/2013Bob LitwinReshaping ourselves through our stories
11/4/2013Daniel CoyleWhat is talent and how is it developed?
8/19/2013Linda LeClaire & Bryce YoungPeak Performance Training
7/29/2013Ed TsengChanging the Way We Handle Our Thoughts
9/10/2012Jeff MooreDeveloping Leadership Skills Through Tennis
7/29/2012Allen FoxMental Toughness
2/21/2017Sarah BorwellMaximizing the recruiting process, TennisSmart, and British players coming to the US to play college tennis
2/14/2017Stephen AmritrajUSTA’s role in the growth and development of college tennis
12/13/2016Greg Patton & Hayley Carter2016 BNP Paribas Master’U & TeamUSA
10/4/2016Erica Perkins JasperITA/Oracle Masters Tournament & College Tennis in 2017
5/24/2016Erica Perkins JasperWhat’s on the horizon for US college tennis
4/5/2016Ross Greenstein25 Matches in 25 Days with Tennis:Europe
8/11/2015Lisa Stone & Chas BradleyOur college recruiting experience
6/23/2015Ross GreensteinWhy & how college players (and coaches) transfer
4/21/2015Jeff MooreWhat to look for during the college recruiting process
2/24/2015Various college coachesPlaying opportunities outside the top D1 plus scoring and format changes
1/13/2015Greg Patton & Nathan PashaBNP Paribas Master U International Collegiate Championships
12/16/2014Dave FishUsing Universal Tennis Ratings during the recruiting process
11/18/2014Thomas AndersonHow to get noticed by college coaches & the importance of college showcases
11/10/2014Dick GouldThe evolution of college tennis
11/3/2014Todd WojtkowskiRecruiting and playing DIII college tennis
8/18/2014Ross GreensteinCollege Recruiting 101
8/11/2014Chuck Kriese, Lin Loring, Rob Hubbard, Peter Smith, Gene Orlando, Colette LewisCollege Tennis Format Changes
6/2/2014David BenjaminThe future of college tennis
4/9/2014Lisa Stone on The American College Experience showMy experience so far with college recruiting
3/31/2014David BenjaminCollege format changes & the ITA
2/24/2014Adam HerendeenThe College Tennis Experience – Presbyterian College
1/6/2014Danielle Lao, former USC Trojan & current professional playerCollege Tennis: The Invaluable Experience
12/30/2013Mitchell Frank, UVA tennis player2014 ITA format changes to college tennis
12/2/2013Adam SteinbergCollege Tennis is about more than tennis: Friends of Jaclyn Foundation
4/29/2013Robert HubbardCollege Tennis
1/28/2013Dallas OliverTennisRecruiting.net
1/7/2013Nadine RosenthalD3 College Recruiting
11/12/2012Cintia SanyehCollege Recruiting
8/27/2012Ross GreensteinCollege Recruiting
8/19/2012Drake BernsteinCollege Tennis
9/6/2016Neeru JayanthiHow we can use research and stroke analysis to reduce injury in junior players
7/5/2016Jeff RothschildNutritional supplements for junior tennis players (Click here for Jeff’s website)
5/3/2016Jeff RothschildThe nutrition needs of junior tennis players
3/8/2016Emma GoodeQueen of the Kitchen shares clean eating advice & tips for busy Tennis Families
2/16/2016Michael FarringtonNutrition for junior tennis players
2/2/2016Dr. Neeru JayanthiInjury prevention in junior & college players TennisMedicine.org (click here to view the slides referenced in the podcast)
11/17/2015Dr. Neeru JayanthiThe risks/benefits of early specialization for junior players
2/17/2015Trent AaronA Healthier Way to Play Tennis
10/13/2014Dr. James AndrewsInjury prevention and treatment in junior athletes
7/21/2014Dr. Jed JonesPreventing & treating sports injuries in children
2/17/2014Gary AdelmanThe Alexander Technique & its application for tennis
9/30/2013Andrew BurrowFitness Training for Juniors
3/11/2013Marcus ShapiroOff-Court Fitness Training for Junior Players
3/4/2013Lisa Jones, ERYTYoga for tennis
12/10/2012Page LoveNutrition for Junior Athletes
11/19/2012 Mark KovacsOff-Court Training
11/15/2016Harsh MankadHow Tenicity is being used by junior & college coaches to aid in tennis development
8/9/2016Cannon Gilbert & Kai MilletteHow 2 homeschooled middleschoolers started their own sports podcast, Arguably Georgia Sports
4/19/2016Harsh MankadTenicity & the importance of having a plan
2/23/2016Jerry Choe & Richard BowieDonnay’s Xenecore technology & injury prevention in jr players
1/5/2016Petar RacicWhy video analysis is crucial to junior development – Game Smart Tennis
10/6/2015Alexander JohanssonUsing the latest technology to aid in your child’s tennis development
5/12/2015Andy Ram3-time Grand Slam Champion discussing his involvement with a new very useful tennis product called Pulse Play
2/10/2015John LyonsChoosing the proper racquet & Wilson’s new BURN series
1/6/2015Tim StrawnThe importance of choosing the proper equipment for your junior player
6/30/2014Gordon UehlingPlaySight smart court technology
6/9/2014Lavie SakShot Stats Challenger tennis technology
5/5/2014Matt PrevidiChoosing the proper equipment for your child
12/16/2013Aneesh DeviUsing video as a jr development tool –CoachMeInc
4/1/2013Bob KinnisonAthletes Audio.com app
10/8/2012Julie & Danny ThietsVideo Analysis
9/24/2012Robb JulianJunior Sponsorships
3/31/2015Daniel BreagCultural Exchange Trip to Wimbledon
3/17/2015Open MicIndian Wells 2015 Debrief
10/27/2014Reynaldo GarridoGrowing up a tennis player in Cuba before the Open Era
4/7/2014Brian SmallwoodInner City Tennis Clinics
11/18/2013Jessica WeyreuterDream Court: Another Side of Jr Tennis
8/26/2013PJ SimmonsUS Tennis Congress
7/22/2013Live from BB&T Atlanta OpenVarious
5/6/2013VariousNY Tennis Expo
4/15/2013Pascal CollardDown the Line & Beyond Foundation
1/14/2013Barry BussTrials & Tribulations of Young Elite Players
12/31/2012Lisa StoneFirst Annual Year in Review


  1. What an amazing service to tennis parents you are providing Lisa! I'm listening to the archived interview session with Ross Greenstein and am blown away with the priceless information that is being conveyed here relative to the recruiting process for student athletes. Thanks so much for this invaluable resource that you are making available to all of us. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Dear Lisa, I would like to have my mother (Blanche Roddick and I...Lawrence Roddick) on your radio show on January 21, 2013. I think our perspective can be very beneficial... please let me know Lawrence Roddick Director, Andy Roddick Youth Tennis Program

    • lawrence, i sent you an email. please call me at your earliest convenience. thank you!

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  11. Lisa, I have a philosophy as a parent/coach that serves us very well it is a clear path to how to train, what to look for and how to train. I have used it in my kid and others with remarkable results you may wish to highlight it to other people. See video of my kid playing he is 9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnTft7_21XE

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