1. ABSOLUTELY!!! Yay for you, Coach Yvonne! It takes real courage to step UP and speak OUT like this...and I applaud you. No one talks about this SCAM but it needs to be exposed. Though we've never met, there is no question in my mind that Coach Yvonne is one of the all-too-rare coaches who GETS IT, Keep it coming...Sometimes things need to be said so that positive change can occur!!!

  2. In becoming a therapist the student must at a certain point have clients with whom they are the therapist in training. These sessions are observed by the student's therapy instructor, notes taken and feedback given along with a dialog exploring the choices and thinking made behind her execution of the student's session. I know of very few tennis teaching pros who incorporate this seemingly essential element into their overall game plan. Kudos to Yvonne for recognizing its value and purpose. It should be part and parcel of the coaching and development of the junior player. Most teaching pros are too insecure though to incorporate this step into their lesson plans.

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