1. You forgot the many people that probably knew it had been happening and chose not to speak up. It happens frequently. Many times they are just quietly asked to leave and end up at another place to do it again.

    • Very true. It is imperative that we all look out for each other and report these immoral and criminal coaches to the proper authorities.

  2. This is so completely horrifying and a nightmare as someone who knows this coach as well. It is worthy to note for whatever it’s worth however, that there have not been any accusations that we know of by any athletes who he coached.

  3. Lisa - thanks so much for writing this. I googled and found out that this coach was my son’s spring team coach 2 weeks ago - completely in shock. I am letting everyone know that was on our team. Thanks again.

    • Given the circumstances, I would suggest all of you have a serious conversation with your child just to be on the safe side. So sad . . .

  4. Excellent article and one that needs to be shared with parents involved in all extracurricular activities!

  5. You meant well but are missing the forest for the trees. Almost all abuse is by close relatives, not coaches. The odds of your child being abused by a "male tennis coach" is slim to almost none. Your child is 100000000 times more likely to be abused by a relative or step relative.

    • That may be, but this is a website for tennis parents. Therefore, in light of the recent arrest, this article focuses on tennis and what parents can do to protect their children in that arena.

  6. I just spoke with Dan Santorum, the CEO of PTR, who told me that the coach who was arrested last week was immediately suspended from PTR. Dan emphasized the PTR's Code of Ethics and the fact that this coach completely violated its terms.

  7. It was one of the worst days of my life when I got a call from the local police department about my daughters former tennis coach. The incident involved a teenage girl who had lived with him from a young age - her parents were foreign and hoped she would have a future in tennis I’d she stayed in the US but they didn’t have the money to really do it. I had to ask my daughter if she had ever seen anything or been a victim herself. It was awful. All the parents thought the situation was odd, but you just never expect these things to happen so close to home. Ultimately he was convicted and is currently in federal prison. I have always taken my daughter to tournaments myself and really never left her alone because she was so young. But, it impacted our family substantially and we have been hyper vigilant ever since. To say it is unlikely to happen with a coach is naive - especially when you look at the recent events with US gymnastics and the team physician. Anyone who has a role in your child’s life is a potential threat.

  8. Here is a follow-up: <a href="https://www.readingeagle.com/news/article/former-tennis-instructor-in-exeter-township-sentenced-in-sex-solicitation-case?fbclid=IwAR2S4cdf6l0PxXyMVm0l90Ac2Ns-3XmcJja6SaD_httj8UgURS-ktKC8GUI" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">https://www.readingeagle.com/news/article/former-tennis-instructor-in-exeter-township-sentenced-in-sex-solicitation-case?fbclid=IwAR2S4cdf6l0PxXyMVm0l90Ac2Ns-3XmcJja6SaD_httj8UgURS-ktKC8GUI</a>

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