1. "Been there done that" three times! .it is part of life but rest assure tennis has provided your son with all the tools he will ever need to handle life in any shape way or form. As I mentioned, I sent my three babies to college div l playing tennis and it was simply awesome. Today they are Psycologist, Attorney and a Biologist. proud of them!!!!! Now you just need to get ready to go to all or most college tennis games which can get pretty exciting"

  2. Have sent one off to college already, and now sending the daughter off next year and we will be empty nesting. It's scary, emotional and also exciting at the same time - new possibilities for all of us. She did all of her coach communication/meetings and five officials all over the country on her own. We also had no communication with her during her visits, but she was excited to share when she got home. Her college decision was her own entirely. She has worked hard for these opportunities. Very proud of how she handled the process, but I completely understand the feelings you are going through. I also went through this feeling with our older son. Day by day...

  3. Just saw the commitment on TRN, lucky kid off to California! Beautiful weather, outdoor tennis, all good!

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