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May 08 2024

CoachLife ft. Diego Moyano

Welcome to Season 13, Episode 17, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week brings the first of many...

Jun 21 2023

She Loves to Serve ft. Violet Clark

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 23 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week's episode continues our recent theme...

Mar 09 2021

Own The Arena (ft. Katrina Adams)

Welcome to Season 10, Episode 11, of the ParentingAces Podcast, part of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week, to further our observance of Women's History...

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Tournament Tough Training Camps are renowned for their decades of contribution to committed tournament-level junior players. Tournament Tough is back and is now directed by the father-son duo, Carlos and Josh Goffi, at the University of South Carolina. They are offering two sessions (Week 1 or Week 2) and also a progressive 2-week training program in which participants are evaluated during the first week, compete in a tournament during the weekend, and progress into an individually tailored training on the second week. For maximum retention of the methodology, players are encouraged to commit to the 2-week specialty program.


Week 1: June 24-28, 2024

Week 2: July 1-July 5, 2024

2-week specialty program: June 24-July 5, 2024

For more details and to register, go to

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