1. I have a 9 year old girl, we live in the Midwest section. Interested in finding out more about the 10 and under changes. I did see this rog pathway for Norcal which did not make a lot of sense. I guess initial reaction would be upset. My kid is way to small to play up to 14s with yellow ball if midwest makes 12 and under play green dot.

    • Ray, I'm working on my post about what's going on in Georgia - it should be ready tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I urge you to contact the head of Jr Comp in your section to share your thoughts. There is a lot of talk about Midwest adopting the same progression that Texas is currently using . . .

  2. Sorry Lisa...I think we are all burned out :-(

    • I know the feeling well! That said, for the sake of our kids' development and enjoyment of the sport, I think it's important that we continue the dialogue around the best way to proceed under the new structure - whether that means adjusting and adapting to what USTA has handed us or finding alternative routes. I'm curious to hear what everyone's thinking . . .

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