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I thought it might be helpful to you New Tennis Parents to put all my articles dealing with the basics of junior tennis in one place. If there’s any information missing, please let me know so I can address it in a future post. Also, read the Comments below the articles – ParentingAces readers have shared some great ideas, too! Be sure to check out the archives of the ParentingAces Podcast as well – some very wise minds have shared some very wise advice on the air.

Parents and Coaches, I hope you’ll share this resource with the Newbies you know!

Choosing A Coach

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Developing A Tennis Player

Is It Time For a New Coach?

Let’s Start At the Very Beginning

Navigating Tournaments (USTA & ITF)

How to register for USTA tournaments – a video guide to using TennisLink

USTA’s Friend At Court – Rule Book

Quick Guide to the USTA Website

Help! My Kid Wants to Play in a Tournament!

What To Take With You On Tournament Day

My Tournament Packing List

What To Pack When You Have To Fly

Where Do My Tournament Fees Actually Go?

How ITF Junior Tournaments Work

Rankings Anyone?

How to Use Ratings & Rankings

Life in Limbo

The Alternate List Redux

Playing Up

Facing A Friend

Time Off For Bad Behavior

Tennis Parenting

Tennis Parent 101

Tennis Parent 201

The Tennis Triangle

Keeping It All In Perspective

Tennis Etiquette

The “We” Syndrome

Kid vs. Parent – Who Wins?

The Tennis Community

Why Tennis?

Why Every Junior Should Attend Tennis Camp

If I Could Turn Back Time

Looking Beyond Results: 5 Tips to Help to Insure a Positive Relationship with Your Young Player

Fitness & Nutrition


Help Yourself


Advice for Tennis Parent Newbies

Links to Online Articles – links to various articles I’ve found and posted on Facebook/Twitter

Illustrated Introduction to the Rules of Tennis – a great little booklet from USTA on the rules of the game

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  1. Starting in 2015,there will be no automatic time violations for cell phones going off between points? True?

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