1. I don't have an opinion one way or the other about the event always being at UGA although I admit that the atmoshere seems incredible and the idea of Athens being to tennis playoffs what Omaha is to the baseball CWS is pretty cool. My daughter was recruited by UGA. She passed because the location/weather are not what she is looking for. I was hoping she'd at least take a visit :) At some point I wonder if the ITA won't ultimately move the NCAAs to Tempe. The ITA is now based in Tempe and at some point in the not too distant future there will be a beautiful new tennis complex at ASU. You will have weather that incredibly predictable: warm and dry. Holding the event in Orlando - meh.

  2. I went to the NCAA at Stanford once and it was fabulous. I do hate to think it won't be on the West Coast ever.

  3. Lisa, I think your southern location is clouding your judgement here. The NCAA team tournament was a total flail this year with rain delays and only 4 indoor courts. Sending teams to play offsite in Atlanta and staggering 1-4 singles, then 5 and 6 is like a USTA match, not NCAA championship situation. While the weather in the west was sunny all day every day, and other programs having good indoor facilities, that is the reason UGA will not be hosting anymore. Remember that when UGA used to host every year back in the day, it was only the mens tournament, so the logistics were much easier, not to mention it was a huge unfair advantage for the Bulldogs. That being said, they seem to get great support from the community, and a lot of the best programs are in the South, and Mid Atlantic right now.

    • From a FB post from a FL resident: ""State", otherwise known as The Florida Level 3 "Bobby Curtis" Sectional Championship (or something like that ) starts next Saturday, June 10 in Orlando and Lake Nona. Players and coaches turn their attention to preparing and training for this tournament. It isn't that easy. The rainy season has started late and it will rain everyday from now on." So, this is what we have to look forward to in the years the NCAAs are at Lake Nona - the Rainy Season. Great.

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