1. The last years has been a crazy journey. I hate to break this to everyone but their arent going to be any pauses. We should run through all of the best posts from this website, kind of like ESPN top 10! 10. Tom Walker post about running.....no replies on the website 9. Southern convention...Coach Kriese talking about the players 129-192 getting their Kalamazoo tshirts 8. Blanch and Lawerence Rodick saying on radio show that more than 128 players in nationals is too many...they support the basic structure of the proposal but continue to hate 7. The cookies comment in SoCal 6. The listening sessions....what a waste 5. Sean Hannity vs the USTA 4. Antonio Mora and the Coke conspiracy. Someone has too much time on their hands. Anyone who knows marketing knows this was the best marketing Coke has ever done. 3. TMom- so much rambling 2. All of the USTA hatting. Like the USTA woke up one morning and said they were going to screw up tennis 1. The Geoff Grant proposal. This guy has no idea about the junior comp system. He showednthis by the really bad proposal he put together. Lets just get rid of Hawaii and Caribbean. Shows these guys have no idea what they are talking about. I have sat on the sidelines this whole time and listened. So many people have wasted so much negative energy. The kids just need to get better and we have to come to an understanding...there isn't going to be any pause. This whole process has lended itself to some unreal comedy. Thanks for all the good laughs!!!!

    • So, is your answer just to sit back and do nothing? To be a silent majority?

  2. Typical writing by an anonymous poster full of misrepresentations. 1. Lawrence Roddick has consistently written about his opposition to the changes. 2. Lew Brewer, not Kriese, made the Kalamazoo t-shirt comment. 3. The listening sessions are everything but a waste; people felt they got to express their thoughts (and their anger) against an organization that ignored them; and the USTA looked magnanimous by doing so. We'll see what changes are made, but, Mr. Anonymous, there will be changes, obviously to your great chagrin. 4. There is no shred of evidence that New Coke was a brilliant marketing move and only conspiracy theorists think New Coke was intentional. You really think that all those executives would have been silent for years if they could have bragged about their brilliance? New Coke is a common case study in business schools, and never looked at as anything but a lucky blunder. I guess Mr. Anonymous likes urban legends. 5. Tmom makes tons of important points, especially about the burden the changes impose on parents of multiple players. 6. Geoff Grant's proposal is one of the most thoughtful and comprehensive approaches to a junior schedule. At least he put it out there for discussion, something the USTA did not until after it was approved and the opposition became clearly overwhelming. And while Geoff's proposal might not fly because of USTA politics, some very serious and valid points were made. It's sad that politics would trump thoughtfulness. And for Mr, Anonymous to dismiss Geoff, the father of multiple players who have played under both the US and European systems, as not knowing what he's talking about shows Mr. Anonymous's own ignorance. 7. There may end up being no pause, but this Mr. Anonymous is the personification of why there is so much USTA hating: an insufferable arrogance that he demonstrated by the "name" he chose under which to post. 8. And while there has certainly been USTA hating by people who oppose the changes, posts by anonymous haters like this guy who attacks a bunch of people from the comfort of his anonymity shows a sad lack of courage. At least we know who schoolyard bullies are. People who have fought these changes should be very proud of their efforts. People at the USTA who launched the listening tour, including Jon Vegosen, should be very proud of having the humility to accept criticism despite the fact that they worked so hard, with good intentions, to come up with a new system they hoped would be better for America's kids. The same can be said for some of the actual authors of the plan from the Junior Comp Committee who have been very professional and taken the time to listen to opponents of the changes. The arrogant haters who want to listen to nobody are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Lisa Ignore the trolls. Better yet, delete them. Its not like the USTA would let you post your opinion on their website page, right ? I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for our players. The fact is the the vote on the changes is coming up and at this point the USTA has gotten the message loud an clear, from this site, from listening meetings, from all directions. The only question are they arrogant enough to ignore it ? We will find out. To date, everytime I thought they could not get more arrogant and inept, they have out done themselves. Cookie anyone ? I get mixed signals. I am not sure yet whether the recent realignment of moving national junior competition from PD to community tennis is a good thing or bad thing for the competitive players outside the top 100. It seems there are two groups in USTA with clear missions: PD is to get the top 100 better so US tennis can compete better on the world professional stage, and Community Tennis, whose overarching focus is on getting more people of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors to play tennis. Its not clear to me anyone cares about the group in between, the 100-400, who are trying to get to the level, the level required to get those scholarships that are now going predominately going to foreigners, or make the jump to to the top 100. Hopefully that's Scott Schultz and he steps up to it. These kids and there families need a passionate advocate inside the USTA who listens to them.

    • AJT - I remain sensetive to your concerns. I would interject that the community tennis folks want more and better tennis players because it helps generate lots of 1st generation community tennis kids who can compete with the Top 100 and "group in between, the 100-400, who are trying to get to the level". No sporting family is immune from the desire to pursue a scholarship. It's not all hit and giggles in many quarters of the non club affliated tennis community. Just a slightly different, but increasingly viable path. I want and expect a ridiculously competitive path to better tennis from all quarters of the American tennis community.

      • Marty - You live in the insular echo chamber that is the Bay Area and you have little to no idea how these changes will affect kids in other sections, in the real world. You are projecting you experiences and the environment you are familiar with to other areas, and it's just not the same. What you may be able to achieve in a Metropolitan Statistical area of 10 million within a two hour drive is radically different than other sections, many of whom are handicapped by bad weather, large geographical expanses and small populations, and even smaller tennis playing community. There is a massive disconnect between what community tennis folks want to happen and expect to happen and what will actually happen with these changes. You have no appreciation for the monotony you are condemning these players to, as Antonio has said, it the tennis version of Groundhog Day.

  4. So little time, so much to ramble about. Glad to know what everyone suspected.; a good old fashioned chain pulling.

  5. A One other thought. The USTA doesn't care about the top 100 unless you have a good birth year

  6. Thanks Antonio. Although I was flattered to make the top of the most useless list :).

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