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Media Kit, a website for Tennis Parents by a Tennis Parent, has become the primary Junior and College Tennis resource for over 50,000 unique visitors per month.

The mission of ParentingAces is to help educate junior and college tennis parents (and coaches) as they navigate the murky waters of junior tennis development, competition, and college recruiting. It is our hope that, through sharing our own experiences, we can make the journey a little better for those coming up behind us. Whether on or the ParentingAces Podcast (which can be found on iTunes, Libsyn, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Music, the Podcast app, and, ParentingAces works hard to bring timely and useful information to its audience that can be used to enhance the family’s tennis experience.

A junior and college tennis staple for more than six years, ParentingAces has established a reputation as the definitive source for junior and college tennis advice and guidance among coaches, players, families and fans, providing maximum exposure to companies interested in reaching the sport’s next generation and their parents.

Website Features:

  • Weekly (or more frequent) articles
  • Breaking news
  • Live tournament coverage
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Photos and slideshows
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Book recommendations
  • How-To’s for Tennis Newbies
  • Helpful links
  • Comments from readers
  • Email newsletter


In addition to the website, ParentingAces can be found on:

  • Twitter (@ParentingAces)
  • YouTube (ParentingAces)
  • Facebook (ParentingAces)
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Articles by Lisa Stone have appeared in online editions of Huffington Post,, and the Tennis Recruiting Network. Stone has been a guest on numerous podcasts and has been cited in a variety of tennis outlets as a source for junior development and tennis parenting expertise.


Social Media Followers: 6600+
Website Subscribers: 172,000+
Podcast Downloads: 3000+ per month
Average Downloads per Episode: 800
(source: Libsyn)


ParentingAces readers/listeners come from over 125 countries, with the majority from the United States.

College-educated and more affluent than the average internet visitor, ParentingAces readers/listeners are almost equally divided between men and women with average household incomes in excess of $150,000. The majority have a graduate degree and are between the ages of 45-54 though a significant percentage are in the prime influencer years of 18-24.
(source: Quantcast, Libsyn)

2019 Ad Formats/Pricing: Website
  • Premium Placement Banner ad in website header: $2400 per year*
  • 220×220 with sidebar location: $150 per month, 3-month minimum*
  • 220×600 with sidebar location: $200 per month, 3-month minimum*

*Advertiser must supply ads in these sizes or smaller.

ParentingAces Podcast
  • 15-30 second post-roll ad per episode with link to product/website: $100 per month, 3-month minimum*
  • 15-30 second pre- or mid-roll ad per episode with link to product/website: $200 per month, 3-month minimum*

*Advertiser must supply ad copy. Ads may be read by Lisa Stone OR pre-recorded and supplied by advertiser.

Advertising Policy:
  • ParentingAces reserves the right to reject advertising that is not appropriate for young adults, including, but not limited to, betting/gambling, tobacco and alcohol.
  • All rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and are subject to change on an annual basis.
  • Advertising does not imply an endorsement from ParentingAces.
  • Advertising space is limited and cannot be guaranteed available at time of inquiry.
  • Payment is required, in advance, through PayPal or by check/money order.


Lisa Stone, the creator of ParentingAces, is available to consult with Tennis Parents individually or as part of an Academy-wide effort. Consultations can be in person, by phone, and/or via Skype. Topics include:

  • Creating the ideal coaching team
  • The Player-Parent-Coach relationship
  • College recruiting

Speaking Engagements:

Lisa Stone, the creator of ParentingAces, is available to speak at conferences, conventions, and special events. Topics include:

  • Bridging the Gap Between Parents & Coaches
  • Effective Sports Parenting
  • Parenting Through the College Recruiting Process
  • Navigating the Junior Tennis Journey
  • Life After Tennis

For more information, specific traffic/demographic numbers, or any other questions regarding advertising, consulting, and/or speaking engagements, please contact:

Lisa Stone
70 1st Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30317
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