1. Thanks for this great article on a complex topic. Really helps in anticipating what could happen early next year. One question: I hadn't seen that the format for qualifying would include a match tiebreaker in lieu of a third set. Could you point me to where that's posted?

  2. The FAQ from http://www.playerdevelopment.usta.com/CompetitivePathway bottom of page two states: "All ITF tournaments (men and women) match format in qualifying to be best of 3 sets, with 2 tie-break sets and a match tie-break. Ad-scoring remains.  No changes to match format in Main Draw (best of 3 tie-break sets)" Hate that the format has been changed from full 3rd. It was tough when two main draw matches had to be played in Qualifying on one day due to rain, but players need to be prepared to fight 3 full sets in main draw. Too many tourneys are switching to 3rd set tiebreak-the ITA summer circuit which will give a ITF WC to next summer's championship winner features matches that are all 3rd set tiebreak but that is not what players play in college.

  3. Huge opportunity for UTR to address an undeserved market with more pro-circuit like alternatives. UTR country ratings will eventually replace usta top 500 list.

  4. Here is the latest press release from the ITF: https://www.itftennis.com/news/296053.aspx

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