1. I just don't understand how some of these players make it into some of these tournaments. My daughter was accepted into the main draw of the Orange Bowl 14s. In the first round (128) she drew a #9 seed. She lost an incredible match - 4-6,6-4,6-7(5-7). OK, a tough draw - what are you gonna do except get better? In the first round of consolation she played a girl from somewhere in the Caribbean and served up a double-bagel in about 25 minutes. How this girl got into the Orange Bowl boggles my mind. There are way too many blow-outs in some of these big tournaments. The goal should be to match the best against the best. Eliminate the section quotas and go off the national rankings list.

  2. Not to Hi Jack but just left the Jr Orangebowl. This is important and needs correction. The changes are a start to improving the Jr tennis experience. These would make it ALMOST right BUT I'm fully on board with more officials or none of this matters!!!!! Epic Cheating, Epic

  3. Seminole, I agree with you that cheating must be stopped. It is happening even in practice matches where my kid trains. He comes home and says things like I won but he cheated me bad! It is outrageous. Things are so bad that now any time I see a three set match I assume there was cheating, and assume cheater won. I've noticed that in later stages of high level tournaments you see "unexpected" wins and that might be because there was an official and better kid actually won!

  4. Kudos Lisa..I think you were a driving force in regards to the USTA changing their mind which rarely happens. I will still stand by my premise that this issue doesnt matter in regards to collegiate tennis recruiting. College coaches pay attention to Tennis Recruiting Network and even more to the Universal Tennis Rankings systems. Tennis Recruiting Network is limited to US players whereas the Universal Tennis Ranking system accounts for international play as well. More and more. the Universal Tennis Ranking system trumps everything in regards to NCAA tennis. Lisa Stone deserves a huge amount of accolades for the USTA to change the format in such a short amount of time. Again, thank you Lisa for your service!

    • Sasamm, you're very sweet, but this site is a collaborative effort. Without the thoughtful insights from all of you, it's just one mom's opinion, and we all know what that's worth! So, thanks to all of you who take the time to read, share, and comment on the various topics posted on ParentingAces. Together, we are helping junior tennis get better.

  5. Last observations of OB was four years ago in the 14's and I couldn't stand all the folks from other countries coaching their kids out loud or screaming in their own languages. I think they also forget that Americans speak more than one language and know what they are saying... Overall, the officials were the worst. Totally disregarded kids cheating, yelling, throwing their racquets, even more so than national tournaments. It just wasn't worth the trip again with disinterested officials. Glad to see that I complained to the USTA and nothing changed. Yes, I am being sarcastic with my last line.

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